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Plumbing Services and Tankless Water HeatersGAP Plumbing Inc. is the premier plumber in Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita and the surrounding communities for residential and commercial plumbing services. With more than 35 years of service we have developed a solid reputation in our community for providing outstanding customer service matched with top of the line plumbing repair, installation and remodeling. You can count on the dedicated crew of GAP Plumbing Inc. to help you with any plumbing service your home or office requires. From faucet drips to tankless water heater installation, we really do it all. If you experience any signs of a water leak or if it is simply time to update your commercial or residential plumbing system give GAP Plumbing Inc. a call today to request an estimate for expert plumbing in Humble, Fall Creek, Spring or the neighboring towns in Texas!

As a locally owned and operated business we are dedicated to serving our friends, neighbors and other community member who live in Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, Summerwood, Fall Creek, Spring, The Woodlands, Porter and other communities in the vicinity. Whether you need a water heater replaced or a burst pipe repaired you can count on our team to get the job done fast, accurately and at a very affordable price!

By utilizing the latest technologies in plumbing, such as camera services and water saving fixtures, we help our customers save money with every service we provide. We are available for plumbing emergencies, ensuring fast service that resolves any plumbing problem your home or office is suffering from. Give GAP Plumbing Inc. a call at (832) 432-1387 to request a quote for plumbing in Kingwood, Humble or the surrounding areas.

"Gap Plumbing did a great job replacing a 50 gallon hot water heater in our attic. The technicians, Jimmy and Justin, were fast and precise, and cleaned-up well after the work. They came early morning but could not start due to an oversight on my part (attic stairs need to be removed to fit heater through). Once I was ready, Teri rescheduled the same day and they came back to complete the job in the sweltering attic heat with no complaints. I priced the job around with 3 local plumbers and Gap Plumbing was the best price with a quality Rheem heater. The price that Teri quoted over the phone was exact with no add-ons or additional fees."
~ ~ Kingwood, Texas

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