Is water leaking in my home?


It's important to take action when you first suspect that water is leaking in your home. By promptly calling in a plumber, you'll minimize the risk of the problem worsening and serious water damage occurring. At GAP Plumbing, we can quickly identify the source of your water leak and then get right to work on repairing it. Our local plumbing company uses advanced technology to be able to precisely pinpoint the source of the leak. Through using leak detection technology, we're able to save homeowners money by keeping labor costs low and preventing further water damage.

Warning Signs of Water Leaks

One classic sign of a water leak is a damp floor. When a leak causes floor dampness, you may notice a musty odor wafting through the home. In such a scenario, there's a good chance that mold/mildew growth will shortly thereafter become apparent. However, if there's mold/mildew in the bathroom, that doesn't automatically mean there's a water leak present. After all, bathrooms tend to get rather damp through normal use, which can lead to such growth. But when mold/mildew take hold in other rooms of the house, then it could be because a water leak is creating good growing conditions. And if the leak is within your wall, you may notice water stains in addition to mold/mildew in the area.

Another common sign of a water leak is that your home water bill has suddenly shot upward, despite your daily water usage seeming to remain normal. When a water bill suddenly jumps by over $20, then some kind of plumbing problem could be to blame, such as leak. If your water bill has increased and you're hearing the sound of water running when it should be off, then you'll definitely want to have a plumber come by to do a thorough inspection.

Water Leak Detection & Repair in Kingwood, TX

When you need leak detection and repair in Kingwood, TX, contact GAP Plumbing at (832) 432-1387. Our experienced plumbing crew can expertly address any of your residential or commercial plumbing needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Posted: July 11, 2021

Written and Published By MORBiZ

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