Top Signs of a Slab Leak


Top Signs of a Slab LeakA slab leak is one of the worst possible plumbing problems that can happen to a home. It essentially means that there is a leak underneath the concrete floor of the home. They can be quite difficult to detect without proper tools or experience but there are a few things to look out for which are all solid indications of trouble. If you run into any of these issues be sure to call a plumber right away so that they can complete proper diagnostics and repairs, if deemed necessary.

The sound of running water

A major symptom of any plumbing problem is if you can hear the sound of running water when all water faucets and other outlets are turned off in the house. This means that there is a leak in the plumbing system, as water is not being turned off.

Cracks in flooring or walls

Excessive water underneath the floor can eventually lead to cracks in your floors or even the walls. They will be particularly noticeable if you have any exposed concrete flooring in your home, but keep an eye on the base of walls throughout your house.

Hot spot under the floor

A hot spot on the floor could be an indicator of a leak in a hot water line. You may not even be able to tell that the floor is wet, just warm.

Moisture under carpets

If your floor does feel wet or if you notice mildew in your carpets it is likely there is a leak down below. Contact a plumber to have the situation further evaluated, just make sure to ask everyone in your household if they forget to clean up any spills recently!

Increasing water bills

Another common sign of a leak is a rapid increase in your water bills when there has been no major increase in water useage. This is almost always a sign that there is a leak present.

Slab leaks need to be addressed as soon as possible so always pay attention to the signs of trouble. If you believe you need slab leak repair in Kingwood, TX or the surrounding area reach out to the team at GAP Plumbing. Our slab leak repair team uses the latest technology to detect issues to keep them from getting worse. We offer fast repairs as well! To learn more or to schedule an appointment with a Kingwood plumber give us a call at (832) 432-1387 today.

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