What's Clogging My Pipes?


What's Clogging My Pipes?Clogged drains and pipes can result in standing water in a sink or bathtub, and cause expensive issues for appliances such as your washing machine or dishwasher. There are a few common causes of clogs and knowing them will help to prevent them. Unfortunately not every clog can be predicted and they can strike at any time without warning. If your drains seem to be slow you'll likely want to get in touch with a professional plumber for drain and pipe cleaning in order to restore your plumbing system's health. These are the most common causes of clogged pipes.

Hair Clogs

The most common cause of bathtub and shower clogs is caused by hair buildup. Hair clogs happen all the time in bathrooms all across the world, but they can be prevented. Install a hair trap in the drains to slow buildup and every 6 months to a year have a plumber snake the drains to remove what is already there. The longer you wait to have these clogs removed the bigger hassle they can be to remove.

Grease Clogs

Kitchen sinks see a lot of traffic and they tend to "eat" a lot. There's a reason your grandma has a bucket of grease and fat stored under the sink, it's because she knows it's bad for her plumbing. Pouring grease or fat from cooking foods, such as bacon, down the drain in your sink can cause them to quickly become clogged. This is because the fatty material will cool and stick to the sides of the pipes, allowing for even more objects to become stuck!

Foreign Material Clogs

It is important to never use your sinks or toilets as receptacles for any sort of trash. Flushing anything other than natural waste and toilet paper, including feminine products or diapers can result in big clogs. If you do have little ones in the house be sure to teach them from a young age to never put anything in the toilet.

Always be on the lookout for slow drains, as it likely indicates some sort of clog. If you need pipe or drain cleaning in Kingwood, TX, or the surrounding communities be sure to contact GAP Plumbing. Our team of plumbers are highly skilled at identify and removing all types of clogs that cause slow drains. Remember, those clogs could result in bigger trouble, so don't let them sit. To schedule plumbing service in Kingwood give our team a call at (832) 432-1387 and we will be happy to help!

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