The Importance of Early Water Leak Detection


Your house is a maze of pipes and wiring that is hidden behind the walls, under the floor and above the ceiling. Those pipes carry fresh water and wastewater, and should the crack open somewhere on your property you're going to end up needing some major repairs. If you run into any of the following issues be sure to reach out to a plumber who can tackle the trouble and fix the water leak.

How to Detect Leaks

The following are some of the most common signs of a water leak.

  • Water noise - If there are no faucets or appliances that use water running in your home but you can still hear the flow of water, or a dripping noise, chances are there's a leak.
  • Dripping faucet - One of the most visual signs of a leak is watching it happen. A leaky faucet can waste tons of water throughout the year.
  • Wet spots in floor, wall or ceiling - If you notice wet spots in the wall or ceiling or if a section of your floor feels spongy it could be due to a leaking water pipe.
  • Increased water bill - Has your bill gone up, but not your water usage? This is likely due to a loss of unused water.
  • Low water pressure - Low water pressure in faucets or shower heads is another common sign of a water leak.

What will happen if a leak goes undetected

Aside from having a higher water bill, water leaks can lead to some major aesthetic and structural damage, depending on where they are.

  • Interior damage - A leak that is occurring inside your home, perhaps behind a wall or in the floor you will be left needing to replace the damaged flooring or drywall. This can be quite expensive.
  • Exterior/foundation damage - If a leak were to occur outside your home it could damage the surrounding landscape. If the leak happens to be close to the house it may result in massive issues with your home's foundation.

Be sure to always pay attention for water leaks and if you need water leak repair in Kingwood or the surrounding area don't hesitate to get in touch with GAP Plumbing. We excel at plumbing repairs and slab leak services. Give us a call at (832) 432-1387 to speak with a professional Kingwood plumber today.

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