Why Use Water Softeners?


Why Use Water Softeners?Untreated water that flows through appliances and faucets in your home is often full of excessive amounts of minerals such as iron and calcium that can cause major problems for your plumbing system as well as endanger the health of people who drink it. This water is often referred to as hard water and the issues that it can cause can be expensive and time consuming, not to mention dangerous. Thankfully there are water softener systems available to remove these minerals and ensure clean, healthy water. Installing a water softener system will provide you with many benefits!

Cleaner Dishes - Water softener removes minerals that react with soaps which can create a residue on dishes.

Easier Chores - Water treated with a softener will reduce housework by eliminating the formation of soap scum while cleaning counters, floors, tile and other surfaces.

Chemical Free - When using a water softener you can utilize chemical free cleaners that are healthier to use. With hard water problems soaps and detergents with anti-reaction chemicals are often needed to get a better clean.

Better Showers - A water softening system will result in cleaner and smoother hair and skin due to the removal of unwanted minerals.

Softer Laundry - Fabrics will be softer when laundered with treated water. This also results in longer lasting, brighter fabrics, including whiter whites!

Better Appliance Health - Soft water prolongs the life of all appliances that use water, which includes washing machines, ice makers, coffee pots and more!

Save Money on your Energy Bill - A water heater that has to heat minerals with the water will use more energy than a water heater that just needs to heat water. A water softening system can reduce your energy bill by 25 percent or more!

Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron and copper are all present in hard water. Do you really need to be ingesting these? No! A water softening system is a great way to save money and increase health in your household! To find out about installing a water softening system in Kingwood reach out to GAP Plumbing. Our team of experts will ensure that your water is top notch! Give us a call at (832) 432-1387 to request an estimate from a professional plumber in Kingwood.

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