Water Softeners in Kingwood, TX

Water Softeners in Kingwood, TXYou may be surprised to learn that the water you use to wash dishes, clean clothes, bathe in and even drink likely contains more than H20. Most water supplies in the United States are tainted with minerals that result in what is often referred to as hard water. These minerals, along with other contaminants that can infiltrate your water supply, can result in a harsh impact on your wallet, plumbing system and personal health. At GAP Plumbing Contractors we offer water softening systems to ensure that your water is as safe to use as possible. Give us a call today to request more information about using water softeners in Kingwood, Humble and the neighboring areas.

What Makes Water "Hard?"

There are many minerals that are present in the ground that can leak into what are considered relatively safe water supplies. Calcium, limestone, magnesium, lead, iron, sulfur can all contaminate your water. Depending on where you live you may be at risk of utilizing water that contains sewage, agricultural runoff or industrial waste as well.

There are many problems that can arise from using hard water, which is why it is important to install a water softener system. Without one of these systems your plumbing system will be attacked by these minerals, resulting in nasty buildup inside water pipes, as well as inside water using appliances, thus shortening the life of your dishwasher, faucets, washing machine, refrigerator/freezer and more. There is also a chance of health problems related to hard water.

Benefits of Water Softeners

When using a water softening system you can expect appliances to last as much as 30 percent longer. Water softeners also make it easier for chemicals in soaps and shampoos to work, meaning you can use less of these, saving you even more money!

If you're interested in installing a water softener system in Humble, The Woodlands or elsewhere for your home or office give the team at GAP Plumbing Contractors a call at (832) 432-1387. We will be happy to discuss the importance of these systems and how they will benefit your wallet and your health!

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